Friday, May 8, 2015

Museum -- Gone Global

Bowers Museum, Santa Ana, California

It began as it should.  Art and artifacts from the southwestern United States merged beautifully with similar objects from Central and South America within the spaces of the gem-like Bowers Museum.  

Little by little, it happened.  The world reached in toward Santa Ana's charming museum.  And the museum reached outward to the world.  The permanent collections grew and expanded in their geographic orientations.  Visiting exhibitions arrived from other continents.  A growing range of visitors accompanied these changes and they were accommodated as spacious, new galleries were built.  A peaceful sculpture garden was added.  Entertainment performances and educational presentations expanded the opportunities for an ever-growing audience.

That is how knowledge should be.  Growing, migrating, expanding and reaching out for new avenues.  People responding and reaching for the understanding paired with knowledge that improves us all.

Or should ...