Friday, April 3, 2015

Pacific Surflining for Beginners

Amtrak Pacific Surfliner near San Clemente, CA
Train travel, so well-known and widely used in most of the world, has become somewhat of a rarity in the United States it seems.  Train passengers, however, are not an endangered species.  From an observational standpoint, they are clearly filled with life and vibrant personality.

Or maybe it is just that the liveliness of the species is so well-displayed on certain routes.  In certain environments.  On a train trip that sends passengers gliding near the ocean, on a sunny day or better yet at sunset as the golden orb sinks into the western sky, who can resist the magnetic attraction of the Pacific Ocean views.  

Passengers raise their heads and leave nose prints on the windows, pointing out ocean-misted sights to their companions -- sometimes even to perfect strangers.  Could it be that, at least now and then, the handheld white screen has met its match?