Friday, April 17, 2015

The Fine Art of Listening

Salt Creek Park, Dana Point, CA

Soothing wisps of music float tranquilly toward me on the salty sea air.  To my left, and up the pathway, the Ritz Carlton Hotel gleams brightly beneath its palm trees.  To my right, a walking and jogging trail weaves gracefully through this public park and beach area.  But here, the gentle melodies hold my attention like glue.

Who is this guitarist who plays something classical -- by Albeniz, I think.  Is he a visitor from a faraway place, who couldn't resist the opportunity to deliver his music to, and commune with, the sea?  Is he a musician?  A composer? A captain of industry on a brief retreat from the big city?  

One could ask, between songs.  But that would risk breaking the mood, the charm, of the moment and the setting.  And so, I simply listen ...